Russian ambassador shot dead in Turkey Artwork gallery (See)

Russia’s Ambassador To Turkey Shot Dead By Man Screaming About Syrian Crisis.

While attending an art opening local media reports, the Russian ambassador to Turkey has been shot and killed. Media reports a career diplomat for Russia, Andrei Karlov, died after he was allegedly taken by a gunman at an exhibition opening at Concert Hall and the Cankaya Art Center.

A spokeswoman for the Russian foreign ministry said Karlov had been taken to a hospital with serious injuries following the attack, The Associated Press reports, even while Russian press said Karlov did not survive. The assailant allegedly uttered, and Turkish information network NTV said that the guy was killed by authorities.

Officials said the gunman claimed to be a police officer after he entered the construction, The Guardian reports. Some eyewitnesses have told media that the guy cried “Aleppo”– the title of the surrounded Allied city now at the center of Russian-Turkish cease-fire negotiations — since he captured the diplomat. An AP photographer said the guy cried “allahu Akbar,” the Arabic phrase for “God is the best,” and fired at least eight shots. Graphic video of this shooting is visible here.

The attack comes after protests broke out over Russia’s military intervention from the Syrian civil war, the BBC reports, and one day ahead of the Turkish foreign minister is set to meet with officials in Moscow. Russian news agency RIA Novosti reported that the foreign ministry has been in contact.