12-Year-Old Ansley Burns Sings ‘Exactly How Fantastic Thou Art’ In A Vacant Church

Ansley Burns may only be 12 years old, but this lady has some significant pipes! Vocal singing ‘How Excellent Thou Art’ in an empty church, Ansley takes all of us to church as well as we located our heart skyrocketing with appreciation singing right together with her!

“When Christ will come with yell of acclamation

And then declare, my God, exactly how fantastic Thou art”

This may be among our preferred hymns! What a magnificent God we offer. When tornados rage, we have no fear because God is our citadel as well as sanctuary!

That recognizes what hard battles are being dealt with right now, yet God understands as well as He prepares to assist us bring the concern. In those darkest minutes, we require to elevate His name high and also give Him the glory for the battle is already won! Amen?

credit report: youtube.com

‘Just How Wonderful Thou Art’ In A Vacant Church Brings On The Chills

As Ansley introduces the chorus, we are already commending at the top of our lungs! What a beautiful voice and such an impressive God-given ability in a person so young!

“Then sings my spirit, my Saviour God, to Thee

How terrific Thou art, exactly how terrific Thou art

Then sings my soul, my Saviour God, to Thee

Exactly how excellent Thou art, how terrific Thou art”

Might we constantly keep in mind to raise His name and appreciation even when it seems like we are in the darkest of areas. It remains in those times, our weakness, that God is able to be our toughness as well as offer us the additional inspiration to continue onward! We wish that your heart is overflowing with appreciation today similar to young Ansley Burns!

h/t: Godtube.com