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Hotels can make quite a bit of money, but at the same time, they have their expenses just like any business. Not too long ago, the resort hotel where I live decided to upgrade their condos. The upgrade was going to cost 5,000 for each room, and part of the upgrade was going to be the beds. They weren’t just replacing bedding materials and the mattresses but the entire bed.

Naturally, they got in touch with bedding suppliers for hotels to get the best deals. It made me wonder if they actually got the best deal because grouped with the other upgrades, the 5,000 price tag seemed a little expensive. I own a unit at this resort hotel, and I didn’t go along with the upgrade. I opted to do my own version of the upgrade when I felt like doing it. When I do upgrade the bed, I am likely to just buy one vs getting in touch with a hotel bedding supplier.

If I were going to buy more than one bed, I might get in touch with one of those suppliers. However, that is why they are available to hotels. It just baffles me that the deal they got per room seemed to exceed what I would be paying for my own individual upgrades. http://behrens.co.uk/ is great hotel bedding suppliers out there though that make good deals with their customers.

If you are looking for hotel bedding supplies and need them in large quantity, see what wholesalers are available. You might be surprised as to differences in cost between them, too. After all, you are buying in bulk, so it pays to get a good quote. When you do, then you will be so happy that you saved all that money when buying hotel bedding supplies.