Consumers In Ireland Should Avoid The Price Point Marketing Of Companies

The very first thing that jumped out at me when I quickly searched life insurance in Ireland made me chuckle inside. It’s the old Geico trick, you can save 15 percent on insurance if you take the time to get a quote. For sure, you are going to need to get quotes if you are looking for a life insurance policy in Ireland. However, it is so surreal how that 15 minutes and 15 percent phenomenon has caught on so much. Since when did discounted insurance become the key factor in finding a policy?

I will tell you when. It became important the minute that all things considered, insurance became a very difficult expense for people trying to make it economically in this world. With insurance companies focusing so much on price point marketing, are their products suffering? You want good, reliable coverage, not a piece of paper that is supposed to make you feel good about getting a discount on a policy that was never designed to help you much.

In other words, you really need to look at the meat of a life insurance policy in Ireland if you are going to bite. Don’t just assume all insurance companies are equal and that it’s about what they charge you. For sure, the price is important, but what the insurance company does in the event of a claim supersedes the price point entirely.

If the insurance companies that handle customers correctly have policies that aren’t affordable, does that mean you buy a cheap piece of toilet paper? No, you would be better off socking the money away for your own savings and to provide for your family in case of an emergency. Hopefully, you can find a policy that fits your needs, but don’t buy into the whole price point marketing concept. Choose Paddy Compare life insurance company in Ireland that will help.