SD58 ARTS FESTIVAL: Courthouse art gallery

The theme of this year’s festival — and the courthouse art gallery display — will be”Our Story.”

School District 58’s second yearly arts show is well underway, along with the courthouse art gallery instalment kicked off yesterday with a opening reception.

The courthouse gallery series shares a title with the theme of this year’s arts festival;”Our Story,” and contains the perspectives of students in the area.

Students’ stories will be the focus of this year’s holiday season. Dara Hill/Herald.

The public reaction to the festival was positive, festival organizer Shannon Dunn stated. Dara Hill/Herald.

Festival organizer Shannon Dunn reported the festival’s second round was a success so far.

“There’s so much pride in being able to show off exactly that which our very talented students do,” she said.

“I really enjoyed putting the series together, since I simply don’t know that we celebrate the arts and we truly show them just how much we appreciate their own artwork.,” she said. “There’s nothing I don’t enjoy about these two weeks — it’s well worth every bit of time”

Noting that each and every object of art tells a story, Dunn reported the objective of festival is to showcase, celebrate and enjoy the students’ art.

Themes the students worked are scattered round the exhibition. Dara Hill/Herald,

Katrina Bennett, a mum to three boys involved in the series, said the series has produced a positive influence on her children.

“I’ve got three sons that had arts up on the wall — it had been fun,” she said.

She noticed her sons did not demonstrate much interest in art — the series — at first, but quickly changed once they saw their work exhibited.

“When we got there, they conducted into there and couldn’t wait to demonstrate that their Dad. When they watched the series it truly made an effect on them it truly meant a lot,” she said.

The entrance to the courthouse art gallery is really hard to miss this week. Dara Hill/Herald.

By Amy Manuel, Grade 10. Dara Hill/Herald.

Dunn affirmed celebrating students is at the core of the holiday season.

“And that’s why we do it. For them to see their artwork on display in that place — it’s pretty special,” she said.

The show at the Courthouse Gallery will operate through May 12.